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At WE Brunch Indy, our mission is to empower and uplift diverse women committed to advancing equity in Central Indiana through networking and education in fun environments. 

Co-founders Amanda Bonilla and Doneisha Posey had know of each other since undergrad but fate had their paths cross much closer in 2020 when they had the opportunity to work together for the same organization. One day at work they were having a conversation regarding women doing equity work in Central Indiana and they realized that they did not have the same network of contacts even though they both had been doing diversity & equity work in the city for over a decade. As they continued to brainstorm on how to advance equity in Central Indiana, they decided to pull their networks together and create a supportive environment to discuss the issues with good vibes and good food.  With the help of several women, Amanda & Doneisha launched the first brunch and sold out 100 seats in 3 days! 

Our Journey
After a very successful launch in November 2021, we are proud to continue to bring you the WE Brunch Series.
We know women need to feel supported and empowered in the world and women working in equity? WE really need other women in our circle so we can be heard, seen and validated as WE lead the charge to create a more equitable city, state, and world. The Women Equity Brunch (WE Brunch) is a leisure environment connecting women committed to advancing equity in Central Indiana to do just that. This inspiring, high-energy, impactful event will bring together 100 women from all sectors on women's experiences and issues. From the gender pay gap, diversity and inclusion in the workplace, to infant mortality and maternal health, women’s health justice, and violence against women - we seek to harness the power of ALL women to make a change.

Why Your Support Matters
Sponsorship dollars play an integral part in allowing us to continue our work and create the event experience that you've enjoyed over the past few years. This year it cost us nearly $100 per attendee to produce each brunch, and the average ticket price was well below $80. You can see how important it is for us to close that gap with sponsorship dollars. If your company is considering supporting our work financially, please reach out to us at and we'll schedule a conversation to discuss what option aligns best with your organizational goals for sponsorship.  Every attendee will walk away with a gift bag filled with women-owned products created right here in Central Indiana. WE can't wait to be in community with you!

No upcoming events at the moment

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