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Inclusion in Sport

We are proud to be collaborating with student athletes and administrators from across the country to create inclusive team environments, including staff at the NCAA National Office. Since 2015, ICN has been a proud participant in the NCAA Inclusion Forum as both an opening keynote and workshop presenter. We have worked with over 12 NCAA institutions and trained hundreds of students athletes and administrators. Scroll down to learn more about our unique athletic focused trainings.

Cultural Wealth of Diverse Student-Athletes

Many times, support for diverse student populations is approached with a deficit mind-set to which students need to acquire certain skills in order to be successful in a college environment. Cultural Wealth challenges that approach and operates from a strength-based perspective and helps athletic administrators understand the strength and assets their diverse and international  student-athletes bring with them to college. This session is particularly beneficial for those individuals who work with students of color and international students. Individuals who participate in this session will walk away with key understanding on how to better work with motivate and mentor student-athletes from diverse backgrounds.

Poverty and Athletics

Understanding the diversity of a student athlete must move beyond race and gender and include social economic class as well. This workshop focuses on unpacking the issue of poverty among student athletes, by working with  coaches, athletic department staff and administrators to define and understand systematic barriers that exist for student athletes who experienced poverty. The workshop is delivered in a strengths-based perspective that evaluates areas where organizations can be responsive to this population.

Bias in Sport

This workshop explores unconscious bias and looks at how it impacts athletes from recreational to professional leagues.  The goal of the workshop is to increase awareness of bias among teams and recognize situations where the influence of bias can breakdown in success. Participants will walk away with an action plan to address bias in themselves and their teams.

Social Issues and Sports: How to have Critical Conversations with My Teammates

Initiating conversations on social justice with teammates can be nerve wrecking for both coaches and players. Often times people avoid the conversation which can make matters worse. In this minimum 2-hour workshop, we work with teams to start the conversation and get at the root of the issue. Participants walk away having a better understanding of how to start conversations with one another and serve as allies for their fellow teammates.

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